coreChess & coreChess HD

coreChess includes great features you needed for playing your favorite game.

coreChess HD includes great features you needed for playing your favorite game. On-line game with FICS, local game with AI and chess puzzles are really enjoyable.

Online game on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) – the most popular chess server with a lot players any time ready to play with you.

FICS Features:
- timeseal;
- premoves;
- real time thought list and graph;
- fast and simple game seek and match player by name interface;
- seeks history;
- full variant support;
- save/mail current game for future analyze;
- full integration with EndGameBot, PuzzleBot, LectureBot and WesBot;
- players list with filtration and sorting ability;
- chat while playing game;
- observe currently played games;
- ability to use the console while playing;
- bots detection and filtration;
- server console for advanced FICS players;
- shortcuts for take back for 1-2 ply(s);
- shortcuts for abort, adjourn, draw, resign game;

v. 1.3. notification: castling can be done by dragging a king on a rook. 

Local Game Features:
- Fisher 960 random and classic game mode
- Save/load games
- 5 difficulty levels
- Play with friend mode
- Moves navigation (first, previous, next, last moves)
Puzzles Features:
- 500 puzzles
- 3 difficulty levels
- filter puzzles by level and resolved/unresolved state

* board and pieces themes

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